Affiliation Criteria

Under Article 4 of the Constitution of The Indian Body Builders Federation, the affiliation for State Units is elaborated under the sub heading of membership
ARTICLE 4: Membership
  The membership will be granted only after due consideration of application of membership in the meeting of managing committee. The managing committee has an absolute right to accept or deny membership, for which the managing committee is not answerable. Membership will be given only to State Organization.
Again Article 7A of the Constitution of IBBF under the sub heading of Types of members, an organization is defined as:
ARTICLE 7 A: Organizational Members
  Organization i.e. State Association including regional Association, Sports Control Boards organizing Body Building sports shall be eligible for membership provided they apply for affiliation. The State Association and the Regional Association shall have the power to grant affiliation to their District Units and Sports Control Board shall have power to give affiliation to their sub-ordinate units.
While granting Affiliation emphasis is laid on representative character of State Association.