Ms. Sumitra Tripathy

Working President – OBBA

Message from the Working president, OBBA

A promising future awaits the Body Building sport in Odisha

On behalf of the Odisha Body Building Association (OBBA), I extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our website. We have endeavored to curate information that will be of interest and benefit to bodybuilding enthusiasts as well as sports aficionados in general.

The theme of ‘Fit and Healthy’ resonates strongly in Odisha, with people from all walks of life showing a growing inclination towards fitness and well-being. Whether drawing inspiration from the government’s ‘Fit India’ initiative or from the achievements of sports personalities and celebrities on various platforms, the awareness about the importance of physical fitness and health has been steadily increasing. The availability of affordable solutions such as wearable technologies, accessible gym facilities, and diverse options in diets and nutrition has further contributed to this trend. The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to combat issues like obesity and heart disease has become more emphasized in recent years.

As the apex body for bodybuilding sports in Odisha, OBBA is dedicated to the development of the sport and the welfare of all stakeholders involved, including athletes, officials, partners, and entrepreneurs. Since our recognition by the esteemed Ministry of Sports and Youth Services, Government of Odisha, we have made significant strides in advancing the sport within the state. We are committed to continuing this journey of progress, and our website will serve as a platform for regular updates on our activities and initiatives.

As the first woman General Secretary of OBBA, I am deeply committed to driving projects aimed at empowering women in bodybuilding. We will continue our efforts to empower women stakeholders, both athletes and officials, and explore new initiatives to create a safer and more supportive environment for women to pursue their passion with confidence.

We believe that bodybuilding and physique sports in Odisha are on the brink of a major growth phase and transformation in the years to come. OBBA is fully dedicated to realizing our objectives and fostering the development of the sport. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with our sponsors and officials from affiliated district associations, sports control boards, and other stakeholders to elevate the sport and its ecosystem to new heights.